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Chandraketugarh: I maintain a webpage on Chandraketugarh, an archaeological site near Calcutta (Kolkata), India, from where exquisitely beautiful terracotta artifacts from more than 2000 years ago have been discovered.

Photography: My photo website:

My Autograph Collection: When I was young back in India I used to collect autographs of football (soccer) and cricket players, performers, authors and other well-known personalities. My friends and relatives knew of my hobby and sometimes they used to obtain autographs on my behalf. Among well-known Indians, my collection includes autographs of Satyajit Ray (celebrated movie director), Kishore Kumar (Playback Singer), Manna Dey (playback singer), Ravi Shankar (sitarist), Bhimsen Joshi (classical Indian Vocalist). A friend of mine gave me an autograph of Pele (Arguably, the greatest footballer (soccer) of all time), when he visited Calcutta with the Cosmos club in 1976(?). I do not collect autograph anymore, unless I bump into a celebrity.

Kishore Kumar and S. D. Burman: On Dec 16, 2009 I did an 1-hour radio show on the theme "Kishore Kumar and S. D. Burman: A Melodious Partnership". The show was hosted by the KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM station. The mp3 audio file of the full program can be downloaded here.

Chance Encounter with Andre Agassi: When I bumped into Andre Agassi in California Legoland in 2005 summer.

Remembering Saibal: In 2004 on the day of Good Friday I lost a dear friend of mine in a freak car accident in Durgapur (near Calcutta, India). It took me a long time to accept that my friend was gone, perhaps a part of me will never be able to accept it. Thinking about him and writing about him gave me some consolation.

Bengalee Robotics Researchers: A list of Bengalee researchers in robotics and related areas. Please send me a mail if you want a name to be included in this list.

Ambarish Goswami
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