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Satyajit Ray, Bengali Author
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Satyajit Ray, Bengali Novelist, Artist, Movie Director.
Satyajit Ray, the famous movie director from Kolkata (Calcutta), India, who was awarded a Legion d'Honneur from France and an Oscar for Lifetime Achievement. Satyajit Ray was a celebrated writer in Bengali language, well-known for his popular detective stories (Feluda series) for adults and science fiction (Prof. Shonku) for the children.

Raja Guha Thakurta has kindly allowed me to display one of his creations, a stunning image of Satyajit Ray.

Title: An Artist's Vision (Satyajit Ray)
Artist: Raja Guha Thakurta"
Medium: Pencil on paper
Size: 17" x 23" (framed)
Based on a Nemai Ghosh press photograph reference
Originally completed in 1997 and refinished in 2007
On long-term loan to the Ray Film & Study Collection at
the University of California; commissioned by Professor Dilip Basu

Satyajit Wikipedia entry on Satyajit Ray
Wikipedia entry on Satyajit Ray

India honors Satyajit Ray through the following postage stamp

Satyajit Ray postage stamp
Satyajit Satyajit Satyajit

Satyajit Ray receiving the Legion d'Honneur, the highest French civil award, awarded to him by President Francois Mitterand. Apparently, due to Ray's ill health, Mitterand made an exception to the tradition and flew to Kolkata to give Ray the award. The ceremony took place at the entrance of National Library in Kolkata.
Satyajit Satyajit

Original manuscript of the well-known short story "Sahadeb-Babur Portrait" given to me by my uncle Revanta Goswami, an acquaintance of Ray and also a novelist and short story writer of high caliber.
He is seated next to Satyajit Ray.

Satyajit Ray and Revanta Goswami
Satyajit_manuscript, Sahadeb-Babur Portratit, First Page Satyajit_manuscript, Sahadeb-Babur Portratit, Last Page

Ambarish Goswami
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